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That's me with my beautiful wife, Vickie, at Hoover Dam in October of 2018.


I'm a singer/songwriter who hopes my songs will entertain and touch you.  My songs are Country with a sound of my own.  

My voice is a deep, solid bass resonating with all the places I've lived, mostly in the South, and with the voices of loved ones who started me early down this wonderful road of song, who keep me singing, and who inspire me to bring my soul and my dreams to sound.  Take a listen and get to know me a little bit.

And let me hear from you.  I'm interested in your thoughts about the songs, about Country, about anything Music.


In the spirit of my Grandpa, who sang lower and louder than the busy combines of Mississippi County, Missouri, I'll end with this:


Do your best, be thankful, and just keep on a'rollin.  


Never called to the pulpit, but I started practicing early just in case.  I understood the importance of optics at an early age.  My sermon that day was on Jonah in the belly of the whale. "Preach it, brother," my sister says.

On our way to church.  I'm the one wearing the tie I loved almost as much as I loved going to church 4 times a week as a preacher's kid.

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